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Frequently Asked Questions

The Connection Dental® Network Frequently Asked Questions 


The PPO USA frequently asked questions provides basic information about our company and products. If you have a question not addressed below, please Contact Us.



How is Connection Dental Network different from other networks?  
Connection Dental Network is one of the largest dental networks in the nation, with over 65,000 unique dentists and dental specialists practicing in over 204,000 office locations. Each dentist decides individually whether to participate in the network. The result is a very stable and growing network.

The Connection Dental Network was developed by GEHA to lower dental claims costs. Cost control measures were implemented from the onset. These include:
  • A large and geographically dispersed network of dentists and dental specialists to increase the number of claims paid in-network.
  • Dentist reimbursement based upon fee schedules, so that the exact cost of each procedure is known in advance.
  • A comprehensive set of services with a competitive fee in order to maximize savings for you and your plan participants.

What plan design does Connection Dental Network require?
PPO USA believes that plan design should be left to our customers. You know your plan participants' needs and are in the best position to balance those considerations with cost concerns. But, the larger the benefit differentials between in-network and out-of-network services, the greater the savings.

PPO USA requires only that the Connection Dental Network logo and eligibility information be placed on plan participants' identification cards. This allows a Connection Dental Network dentist to identify the participant as a network affiliate and verify their eligibility.

Our participants are not familiar with dental networks. What would be involved in introducing a dental PPO?
Cost containment is no doubt a key objective when a dental PPO network is added. When in-network utilization is high and negotiated rates offer significant savings, total claims costs are reduced. PPO USA works closely with our customers to introduce the network, including educating employees about its use.

We administer our own benefit plan. How much extra work does Connection Dental Network require?
Connection Dental Network is simple to administer. The key implementation steps are:

  • Communicate the network features and provider information to plan participants.
  • Load provider data and fee schedules into your claims system so that you can reprice claims as they are processed.
  • Print the Connection Dental Network logo on your identification cards so that plan participants can access any participating dentist.

What support do you provide for plan participants who want to find a dentist?
PPO USA offers two ways to find a participating network dentist:

Will PPO USA expand the Connection Dental Network to meet the needs of my plan participants?
Yes! Connection Dental Network is an open access network, welcoming dentists who meet the credentialing criteria and agree to participation requirements. Plan participants may nominate their personal dentist to participate in the Connection Dental Network.

How do I know if the Connection Dental Network fits our participants?
We can prepare an accessibility analysis for your group. By comparing participant zip codes to our provider zip codes, we can create detailed reports and maps. These reports will show the participant location in relation to our providers.  


We will need on-going sales, marketing, and implementation assistance. Does PPO USA offer these services?
PPO USA wants every client relationship to be a successful one. This approach assures the client we will continually strive to provide quality support and assistance in your current and future customers ventures. Our sales and marketing departments are available to provide industry advice, news, and reporting to help you retain and grow your business.


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